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Ongoing Traing Program

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Of prime importance in our approach to the world of building services is the training of custodial personnel. At Ajax, we strongly believe that the key to success through training is that it never end. The Ajax Ongoing Training Program ensures that employees at all levels receive some form of training a minimum of 4 times per year. This ensures that we keep learning, improving, and striving to either advance to the next level, or to be the very best that we can be from within whatever role we fill.

We take special care that only properly trained personnel are involved in the maintenance of a building. Top-quality supervision is vital. Our building supervisors regularly attend classes conducted by Ajax. In addition, key supervisors are sent to seminars sponsored by the Building Service Contractors Association International. Our supervisors are thoroughly educated in the areas of cleaning techniques, employee training and orientation, communications, personnel management and leadership.

Supervisors are in turn responsible for the training of custodial personnel. Custodians are trained in the latest cleaning methods and equipment through both text and “hands-on” sessions. Detailed daily, weekly and monthly schedules are provided, accompanied by color-coded floor maps, making it clear and simple to understand what needs to be cleaned, when and how. All newly hired personnel are required to attend training sessions; all re-activated reserve personnel attend a refresher.

All training material is either proprietary Ajax material or sponsored and provided by Cleaning Management Institute or Building Service Contractors Association International.

We have multilingual training capabilities including Portuguese, Spanish, and English.